EPoS Software is in most cases more important than the hardware itself for point of sale applications.

Here at Pickering Systems we work closely with the developers of leading EPoS Software onTOUCHSCREEN the market today, to deliver to customers exactly what you need.

Not everybody needs stock control capability or Barcode Scanning, in which case we can tailor the software to suit.

However if Stock control, loyalty schemes & full back office integration with reporting is what your business needs, we can provide a number of useful packages to suit this requirement.

Your goal might be to give off a professional economic view to your customers by using tablets for table ordering, as opposed to the traditional paper system – in turn creating an efficient and professional point of Service system within your business environment.

At Pickering Systems we can provide Apple, Android or Windows based tablets for your waitresses/waiters to get those orders in with specific accuracy and straight to the kitchen or counter top for speed of service.

With professional support for the most popular brands of EPoS software on the market, you can trust in Pickering Systems to meet your exact needs.

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