ECR Touch Software designed for multi application use, from Hospitality to Retail – meeting highly competitive standards in the EPoS World.

Key Software Features:

  • Allows to create recipes for cocktails and deducts stock per item included.
  • Stock control as standard with live stock count button on screen
  • Profit reports
  • Non or slow moving stock reports
  • Waste feature
  • View Profit margins by each price level
  • Highly customisable layout
  • Set Menu features, 2 course/3 course menus for fixed prices, price difference calculated without intervention.
  • Full table tracking
  • Ability to add Android based handheld ordering devices
  • Built in Customer loyalty system, capturing your clients and offering discounts on a set number of products (i.e 3rd pint free for example)
  • You can set-up automatic end of day Z reads to be emailed to you direct
  • End of shift reports
  • Crystal reporting
  • Export as Excel, CSV, PDF
  • Various chart reports (i.e. drill down to see which clerk sold a specific product on a certain day
  • All reports can be printed on A4
  • iphone current sales summary app (FREE and inclusive) View live sales from your iphone essentially
  • Sales analysis (which items sell best or worst) in bar or pie charts
  • Manager dashboard

Download a Brochure for ECR Touch Software, please click on the Icon above or Here

  • The vast array of standard reports available with ECR are a real bonus feature.
  • Using the Back Office module, you can raise Purchase Orders or Send Customer Statements.
  • With the Manager Dashboard, view current sales statistics and which member of staff is performing the best!
  • Printable A4 Charts and reports, give a real insight into business performance by pre-selected parameters.
  • Interrogate your data to get accurate Sales analysis – and with the Free iPhone App you can get real time sales figures from anywhere in the world!

ECR Reports

Real Time Sales to your phone

Available for iPhone only – monitor live sales via the ECR Touch App from the comfort of your sun lounger in the Maldives!


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